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My books

Following my first ever post, I realise that I haven’t mentioned my published books.  My novel is about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a heinous condition suffered after warfare, accidents, serious illnesses and psychological upsets.  In this book entitled, ” A Place Called Forbearance,”  the main characters are a young couple whose marriage was torn apart by the effects of the theatre of war in Afghanistan on the soldier husband.  The story actually follows the breakdown of his young wife, after they were divorced, although there is a surprise at the end of the story.  The narrative weaves in and out of both the minds of the couple, their children, their present environment, even their neighbours, which highlights the everyday, mundane, safe lives going on around people who are suffering from excruciating stress.  The book was written with some knowledge of PTSD and its effects on families.   There are many out there who must be at their wit’s end as they watch a loved one descend into black despair after serving abroad.  Writing this novel was cathartic.  Its subject matter often is not discussed or admitted.   It’s a grey area in suffering war injuries, as the wounds are not apparent until events become unbearable for families.  PTSD needs to be brought into the open so that everyone can understand the despair that it brings with it.

My other book is a collection of short stories and poems.   Some of the poems were written 20 years ago and packed away for years.   They were discovered during a house move and I was shocked at the depth of feeling that I had employed whilst writing them.   Truly, it was a dark time for me.  This book is divided into “dark” and “light” sections, the “light” poems and stories written during a much happier time.   The book is entitled, “Flowers, Feathers and Broken Bottles.”   Both are published by United-pc and can be found on Amazon.

Thank you for this opportunity to plug my work.   It’s appreciated.  Blessings to all.

A Different Approach

Well, here I am.   I’ve actually activated my wordpress account and I hope that, in the future, it will serve me well.   To date, I have two books published by traditional publishers, which have not been well exposed.  I am thinking of becoming a publisher myself, so that I can publish my own work.   I have an acquaintance near to where I live who offers courses on blogging etc., with a view to actually getting work published and sold.   I am very positive about this as I have two projects ongoing at the moment – one is a selection of poems and the other the beginnings of a new novel.  Writing poems comes very easily to me, as I write what I see, perceive, think, feel, which happens all the time.   The novel, however, well…..I’m just going to have to get my down and get some good quality work done.  Soon.   It’s always soon.

This is my first step into a new career as a publisher.  I’m inspired.